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Community Program

Designed for people aged 50 and above, seniors will be taught how to protect themselves and minimise injuries in the event of a fall.
The programme comprises two parts – conditioning exercises to build muscle strength as well as balance and flexibility and the teaching of basic rolling techniques to minimise the risk of injuries and fractures in case of a fall.


Registration is done directly at the community centre only. Do lookout for current participating community centres.

  Announcement! Due to current covid situation, all workout is put on hold till further notice!

Are you working or staying around Tampines? Over 20 classes available for the masses, no registration required! Come crash in any of our classes at Gate 1, Our Tampines Hub.


Our Instructors


Lose To Win® is a 12-week holistic weight management programme to shape up through exercise, nutrition and positive mental wellbeing. It targets individuals aged 21-64 who want to attain a healthier weight.

This programme encourages participants to stay fit and healthy the right way. This is accomplished through active participation in HPB Physical Activity workout sessions, nutritional and mental wellness health tips over 12 weeks.

Mark your calendars as registrations will be opened between 12th July to 15th August 2021.

  Announcement! Due to the current covid situation, all workout session will be conducted virtually!

How to Join?


Who can sign up?

  • Singaporean & PRs aged 21-64 years old (from all walks of life)
  • BMI (kg/m2): 23-37.4
  • Able to perform moderate intensity physical activity
  • No heart disease, history of heart disease, heart attack/stroke

 Pregnant women are not eligible to join!

Where can I register for Lose To Win®?

You can sign up for Lose To Win® by completing the online registration form here For more information, you can head to

When does Lose To Win®starts?

The current run for Lose To Win® is open for registration from 12th July to 15th August 2021.

The programme will start on 30th August 2021.

How will I be updated upon registration?

A welcome email will be sent from our end within 3-5 days upon completing the registration form.

Workout Schedule – LTW

Workout Schedule

This is the schedule for the Lose to Win program. 

Key dates to take note:

Registration: 12th July 2021-15th August 2021

LTW: 29th August 2021-21st November 2021

This schedule is accurate as of  1st July 2021.

  Announcement! Due to current covid situation, all workout will be conducted virtually!

Workout Schedule – Conditioning

Lose to Win

Health Talk


This schedule is accurate as of  1st July 2021.

Suitable for moderately fit and healthy adults between the age 21 – 64. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a training technique that alternates brief speed and recovery intervals to increase the overall intensity of your workout.
Our HIIT workouts incorporate body weights and various fitness equipment. An excellent workout for metabolizing fat during & after your workout and improve overall health & fitness!

Workout Schedule

Over 50 weekly classes available island wide. Refer to the schedule and book for any session via H365 app!