Welcome to the elearning modules of Lose to Win®!



Module 1: Towards a Healthier You


Congratulation! You have embarked on the journey towards a healthier you. In this module, you will learn what the Lose to Win® programme is about and how you can benefit from it.





Module 2: Mindset for Weight Loss


Weight loss is a challenging endeavour. A right mindset will set you on the path to success. Come and find out how to overcome barriers to weight loss and know that you are not alone in this journey.





Module 3: Fitness Performance for Weight Loss


Exercise is a vital component of weight management. This module introduces you to the main component of physical fitness and the FITT principle.





Module 4: Rest and Recovery


Learn how to prevent injury, manage pain and get your body back to the right condition for your next workout.





Module 5: Eat Smart for Weight Loss


Weight management requires proper nutrition. Learn how to eat healthily to support your fitness and weight loss endeavour.





Module 6: Understanding Diabetes


Diabetes is on the increase among Singaporeans. Diabetes can be a silent killer because many of its symptoms are easy to miss. In this module, you will learn what is diabetes, causes and symptoms of diabetes and how to prevent diabetes.





Module 7: Vitamins: What are they and what do they do?


In this module, you will learn the functions of vitamins, the different types of vitamains, their sources and benefits.