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Gym Services

Gym Services

Gym Design and Planning

Fitness facility design is a complex process which requires multi-disciplinary knowledge and expertise. First, a need analysis based on the profile of your targeted clientele and your gym is conducted. We will then conceptualise and design the gym layout and propose the type of equipment that best fit your budget and space requirements.
With our network of experts within our team including flooring, renovation and installation specialists, we are able to provide a one-stop solution to help you set up your ideal gym.

Gym Equipment Maintenance

Equipment serviceability is one of the most important aspects for any commercial gym. Regular maintenance helps to prolong the lifespan of equipment and ensure the safety of users.

We have monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly maintenance packages depending on the usage rate and condition of equipment.
During the regular servicing, our maintenance specialist will perform all recommended service checks, adjustments, lubrication, inspections, and cleaning to keep your equipment in tip-top conditions.

In addition to regular gym equipment maintenance, we are able to carry out all necessary repairs to damaged or faulty equipment for most major brands. Some of the common repairs required are:

• Replacement of cables and belts;

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• Upholstery repair;
• And surface de-rusting and chroming.

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Gym Disinfection

General Disinfection

Gym equipment are repeatedly touched by different gym users and very often in sweaty conditions. As such, the gym becomes a conducive environment for the breeding of viruses and bacteria.

We have a team of certified disinfecting specialists to carry out disinfection in gym and other fitness facilities in accordance to NEA guidelines.

Our gym disinfection programme involves a multi-step process. It starts with Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging treatment. Diversey® disinfectant (medical-grade) is dispersed with droplet size no larger than 50µm to ensure all corners are covered effectively and efficiently. Thereafter,
we will do a wipe-down using Diversey® disinfectant on all high-touchpoint surfaces to complete the virus and bacteria elimination process. The gym disinfection is completed with the mopping of hard floor or extraction of carpet with disinfectant.

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Application of Antimicrobial Coating and Film

Regular cleaning routines will not completely eliminate dangerous pathogens. This is because pathogens can develop resistances to cleaning products, making them harder to eliminate with standard cleaning. The longer the pathogens are left on a surface, the more time they have to reproduce and adapt to their environment and therefore build a resistance to cleaners.
The application of antimicrobial coating and adhesive film on high-touched surfaces can enhance the defense against viruses and bacteria. We use EASE™ antimicrobial coating solution that is able kills 99.99% of the viruses and bacteria. It stops the reproduction of dangerous pathogens at source such that microorganisms cannot adapt and develop resistance.

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