Gym Flooring Category: Bul Rubber

Equipment Mat

BUL equipmentmat can be supplied in different sizes and thickness to fit different equipment such as treadmill, elliptical machine,andspin bike. The mat providesgood protection for the floor and ensure equipment stability on uneven floor.

Rubber Squared Tile

BUL rubber squared tiles are designed to absorbthe shock of afall and reduce the risk of injury. Made ofrecycled rubber and various percentage composition EPDM makes them elastic and durable,anti-slip and resistance to UV light.They are supplied in two standard specifications 500x500mm and 1000x500mm, starting from 20mm thickness and up to 50mm. Due tothese characteristics, …

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Laminated Interlocking Tile

The BUL laminated interlocking tile has a 2-layer construction with a durable recycled rubber wear layer on top and a soft foam bottom for cushioning and anti-fatigue purpose. BUL laminated interlocking enhances shockabsorption and offers much better underfoot comfort. It is ideal for Cross Fit, Martial Arts and various types of Boxing gyms. Like the …

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Interlocking Tile

An alternative to roll mat is interlocking mat, which offers stability and resilience for most applications.It is easy to install and allows matching of different colours.Interlocking mat is available from 5 to 10mm thickness.

Roll Mat

Rubber roll mat offers a clean look with almost non-visible edge line. It is suitable for both the cardio and free weight zone. Roll mat ranges from 6 to 12mm thickness. Click here for rubber flooring catalogue.