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  • 100lbs (45kg)
  • 150lbs (68kg)
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Get a full-body resistance band workout at home or anywhere you want without having to pay for expensive gym memberships or invest in bulky equipment.

Get results in a matter of days with the BUL™ Resistance Bands, the ultimate fitness exercise bands. Made of unique proprietary latex rubber, our bands are the safest in the market, very durable, long lasting and do not lose their elasticity easily. The special rubber composition allows for a bigger range of motion and this helps to give more flexibility and mobility to the joints. They are non-irritantodour free and can tolerate good stretch & tension.

When stretched, every single band is tested to give the stated amount of resistance. Our bands are designed to hit the rated resistance even before the band is stretched to the limit as compared to the other bands.

Each set consists of different coloured adjustable resistance bands. You can use one band at a time or stack multiple bands to reach your desired resistance level easily. The steel safety clips allow you to easily unclip and clip again without taking all the bands down.

The handles, door strap, and ankle straps offer an excellent combination of exercises. You can do Curls, Chest Presses, Toes, and even Squats. The Ankle Bands allow you to attach to your doorway to get even more exercisesOur handles are sweatpoof, skidproof, sturdy and strong, giving you peace of mind as you are exercising. The strong fabric ensures maximum safety during usage. A drawstring bag is provided for easy storage.

Every purchase comes with a full workout guide, showcasing the different exercises that can be done with the different accessories provided. The workout guide also gives a few different 30/45 mins workouts that you can do to work different muscle groups. This saves you time from figuring out how to mirror your favourite gym workouts.

Anti-Snap Guarantee: If your band snaps during the course of usage within a year, we will give you double your money back.


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Total Weight

100lbs (45kg), 150lbs (68kg)