Our Services

We have a strong network of experts in the fields of sports science, physiotherapy, and fitness training to develop and conduct fitness programmes to suit any fitness and rehabilitation needs.


Fitness Training

We conduct group and individual fitness training to suit all fitness levels and needs.


List of fitness training programmes

ALPHA-HIT : Our ALPHA-High Intensity Training (HIT) programmes are designed for those looking to improve their strength, power and agility. We conduct HIT, Bootcamps, and IPPT preparatory training.

ALPHA-MOVE : For those who love a good cardio workout, our ALPHA-MOVE programmes consist of a variety of high-energy dance exercises such as Zumba, kick-boxing, piloxing, KpopK, etc to burn those calories while having fun!

APLHA-FORM : Our ALPHA-Freedom of Regular Movement (FORM) are specially designed functional fitness programmes for those above the age of 40. The aim is to prevent injuries when doing daily activities and to keep the muscles and joints strong to prevent muscle and bone density losses.

APLHA-GOLD : ALPHA-GOLD is for the seniors in their Golden years. The focus is on providing low impact exercises to help in balancing, fall prevention and minimising bone density losses.

ALPHA-KIDS : ALPHA-KIDS focus on developing psychomotor skills, balance, mental and physical agility in our youths. These programme also provides opportunities for parents and children to bond through sports and games.

ALPHA-WORK : Our Alpha-Work are customised occupational functional fitness programmes to ensure that your employees stay fit to perform their work effectively and safely.


Fitness Assessment


We conduct fitness assessments for kids, pre-enlistees, working adults and the elderly. We also help schools and organisations conduct fitness and psychomotor assessments for their students and staff.


Programme Design

We have a team of highly qualified exercise scientists to design and develop fitness and rehabilitation programmes to suit your unique fitness requirements.


Gym Design, Equipping and Maintenance

We provide consultation services on the design and equipping of private gyms. We also provide maintenance services to ensure that your gyms are kept in tip-top condition all the time!


Fitness and Sports Equipment


We provide quality fitness and sports equipment from reputable suppliers, for purchase or leasing, at affordable prices.