Alpha Fitness Pte Ltd (AFPL) is a leading provider of customised fitness solutions. We believe that health and fitness is the foundation for a happy and meaningful life, regardless of gender or age.

We are committed to partnering organisations and individuals to build a vibrant health and fitness culture in every community.

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Fitness Training

Fitness Assessment

Programme Design

Gym Design, Equipping and Maintenance

Fitness and Sports Equipment



We are the sole distributor for the BUL range of Military and Competition grade fitness products and gym flooring. Our BUL products are used by the Singapore Armed Forces in all Army Camps and in various Airforce and Navy units. It is also used by the Singapore Police and various educational institutes.





We are the local distributor for Steelflex and Fitnex fitness products. Our products are fully manufactured in Taiwan and have gone through rigorous testing and quality control checks. All our products are CE certified (European Standard) and are used in more than 100 countries including North America and Europe.

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